4 Months Anniversary : Are you looking for the best 4 Months Anniversary Here are the best 4 months anniversary paragraphs for him. You can send these paragraphs to him through text message Four months seems like four days when the relationship is romantic. Time flies when you are with the right person and we can’t help but congratulate you for attaining this feat with your lover. Every day of a relationship is worth celebrating and we are here for you with the best romantic paragraphs. It’s you and your sweetheart’s 4 month anniversary and it’s time to celebrate.

4 Months Anniversary

4 Months Anniversary Paragraphs for Him

121.667 days together and our love only keeps getting better. Words alone can’t express how blessed I’ve been to have you in my life. I love you and can’t wait to spend many more years with you. Happy 4th month anniversary, babe.

I’d always remember the first day our paths crossed, I won’t forget because an angel came into my life that day. Happy 4th month anniversary, sweetheart. Thank you for those moments of love and happiness, I hope we get to be together for long. Love you.

I can’t believe we’ve been together for four months already when we met just yesterday. Your presence in my life has always been a blessing to me because I consider myself lucky to have you. I’m more than excited to celebrate our four months together. I hope we get to celebrate more months and more years together. Love you!

It’s been four months now since I started getting genuine love, affection, happiness, and friendship. Thank you for making my four months with you a wonderful 17 weeks and not a terrible one. I hope we get to celebrate more time together. Happy fourth month anniversary, darling.

For four months now, I’ve been pampered, showered and buried in your love. If I get the chance to choose who to be within my next life, I‘ll choose you again. Happy fourth month anniversary, darling, I love you now and always.

Friendship and love, that’s what makes lovers. These four months being with you has given me love, joy, peace and a friend to talk whenever I desire. Thank you for always being there for me, baby. Happy four months of togetherness.

For four months now I’ve been having peace of mind, feeling loved and worthy of being loved, being filled with happiness and I can’t thank you enough. You mean a lot to me and I am thrilled to have come this far with you. I hope we spend more years together. Happy anniversary to us, baby.

I’ll keep blessing the day I set my eyes on you. Thank you for chasing the gloomy clouds away and filling my life with bright colors. Four months with you have been nothing but colorful, I expect to see more years to come with you. Happy anniversary to you, boo.

There are just a few outstanding men out there, and I’m lucky to have one as my own. You’re a blessing to me and I wouldn’t trade you for anything else in the world. Four years with you has been a joyful time, and I wish to keep up with you for many more years to come. Happy anniversary to you, my love.

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17 weeks with you has brought me nothing but endless joy because you brought out the light inside of me I never thought would ever burn again. I am so blessed to have you as mine, and I hope we get to spend more years together. Happy anniversary to us, baby.

Happy 4 Months Anniversary Text Messages for Her or Him

It has been one reason to smile again after another since I said yes to your proposal. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

It is so hard to believe that it is four months already. Looks like we started just yesterday. Happy anniversary love.

You have shown me a part of me that I never knew existed until I met you, a part of me that I have come to love so much. Happy anniversary darling.

I thought I would be tired of the relationship by now. Given by my records about serial dating, I am sure you felt the same too. Here we are thriving and getting stronger than imagination. Happy anniversary to us.

Nothing in my several years of experience ever prepared me for the feelings and intensity that accompany love at first sight. It has been four months since I have met you and I still haven’t recovered. Happy anniversary.

I love the way you love me. More than that, I relish what time is doing to us. Seems to be bringing us closer to each other per second. Happy 4th month anniversary.

Four months ago, I was in a very sad place emotionally and then you came along and turned things around for good. Happy anniversary.

I hope this anniversary serves as a reminder that I plan to love you for a very long time. Happy 4th anniversary.

Cute 4 Months Anniversary Paragraphs for Him

Having you in my life is what I can call being blessed beyond measures. Thank you for always having my best interest at heart and ensuring I am a better version of myself. Happy fourth month of bliss, baby.

I’ve been so blessed since you came into my life. The transformation you’ve given my life is so colorful that I can’t explain. Thank you for erasing the darkness in my life and replacing it with your light. It’s our months already, and it’s just the beginning of a wonderful love story. Happy anniversary, sweetheart.

You’ve loved me in unique ways and I can’t appreciate you well enough. Thank you for not just making selfless love to me, but also ensuring my comfort. Its four months already, and I hope for more years to come. Happy anniversary, my darling.

For whatever it is in this world, I don’t want to lose your love. You are everything I’ve ever dreamt and hoped for in life. I’m so lucky to have you, I hope you feel lucky to have me as I do. Happy fourth month anniversary, darling. I would trade anything to spend many more years with you. I love you to the moon and back.

Having a lover who understands you is rare, I’m so lucky to have you as mine. I bet I wouldn’t have been in a better relationship than yours, I’m glad I found you. Four years together and it seems we just met yesterday. Cheerful anniversary, baby, I look forward to more years with you.

Meeting you made my life stress free cos you’ve taken away the burdens in my heart. Your love and affection is everything I need to be happy. Thanks for always showing me the better side of a relationship. Happy fourth month anniversary, my love.

There are millions of ladies out there, but you still chose me as the one worthy enough for your love. Words are not enough to put my appreciation out to you. I just hope I make you feel as great as you make me feel. Happy fourth month anniversary, honey, I expect being with you in many more years to come.

I’ve found a rare specie of man. The one that would love with his entire heart and made four months feel like four days. My blessings multiplied ever since you came into my life. Thank you for being a blessing to me. Happy anniversary to you, my rainbow.

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A love so kind, patient and affectionate is what you’ve shown me. It’s four months already and the things you’ve done for me fills my heart with so much peace and joy and made my life feel brand new. I am beyond fortunate to have you as mine. Happy anniversary, darling. I hope to be with you, forever.

3 Months Dating Quotes

I have the time of my life with you in the past few months, today makes it the 4th month I met you on a train and I just feel it is not out of place to celebrate this anniversary.

Someone as adventurous as you may find a lot of things I do and don’t do ludicrous to say the least. But, you have never shown any form of contempt for my life’s decisions. Thanks and happy 4th month anniversary.

I think it is very wise for humans to count their blessings. These past few months have really been blessed for me. I acknowledge and wish for many more with you as my partner. Happy 4th anniversary.

If after spending just four months with you, I already feel this healthy and exude this glow, I don’t mind doing forever with you. Happy 4th anniversary.

I am aware that for someone who has promised a lifetime of honesty and loyalty, four years is indeed a piece of cake. But, if I can achieve that feat in four months, I am very hopeful and eager to make the rest of our lives a living heaven.

This is a gentle reminder that you are indeed a breath of fresh air and one thing I am sure I got right in the last four months. Happy anniversary sweetheart.

I am not dismayed about a future with you. The past and the present have proven that we will make it!. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

It has been four solid months and you still make me breathless every single time you walk through the door or sway your hips as you walk out, happy 4th anniversary to us.

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I am very glad that we have made our first four months about getting to know each other and genuinely caring. It is a sign that we are both into this for a reasonable reason. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

4 Months Anniversary

It never occurred to me on our first meeting that you’d turn out to be my source of peace and joy. I can’t tell about everything you’ve brought into my life but know that since I met you I found peace, love, and joy. Happy four months of awesomeness, baby, I hope our love keeps waxing stronger. Love you forever.

The past four months have been a series of wonderful events in my life. The love and care you’ve shown me has given me reasons to feel alive and hope for more years with you. Happy anniversary babes.

With you, everything seems easier, and my life has gotten memorable for me. I’m lucky to have you in my life because I love you and love how you love me. I hope our love keeps being as good as it has been these past four months. Thank you for making me worthy of your love. Happy anniversary, my love.

My life has been nothing colorful until I met you because you chased the grey clouds away. I would keep appreciating your love for me cos it has made me feel more of myself. Thank you for making these past four months worth living. I hope our togetherness lasts more years. Happy anniversary, boo.

If I thank you, I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for me. You helped me find a brand fresh shade of me, and I hope you never fade away but be with me for the rest of my life. Happy anniversary, babes. I can’t wait to get a good loving from you today.

It’s amazing how great your presence in my life has been. My mood, the view of myself, and my life, you made everything change. Thank you so much for being so much of a positive influence in my life, I hope there’re more years for us to be together. Happy fourth month anniversary, darling.

Being with you these past four months has made me think I’ve found the one because your presence balanced everything in my life. Thank you for being an exceptional lover, friend, and source of hope. Happy anniversary, my baby.

Words can’t say how lucky I am to have you because you’ve made my life more meaningful. Four months is too little to be with you. I want many more years with you. Happy 4th month anniversary, my Superman.

Romeo and Juliet got nothing on us on issues of love. Your love for me is amazing, and even after four months, I can get enough of it yet. Happy anniversary, babe. I hope to be with you in many more years to come.

These past four months you’ve been the only one rooting for me in ways I can’t explain. Thank you for making me a better version of who I was yesterday, and I hope our love lives on for many years to come. Happy anniversary to you, my love.

4 Month Anniversary Letter To Boyfriend

Every day is worth looking up to seeing since I met you. You’ve changed my life in crucial ways that I am forever grateful. Thank you for being a great blessing to me, I would keep loving you and holding you close forever. Happy fourth month anniversary, sweetheart.

The perfect man for you doesn’t have to be someone who’s perfect, but someone whose features align with yours. In you, I’ve found such perfection and I do not plan to let you go soon. Happy fourth month anniversary, sweetheart.

It’s just been four months with you and my life has transformed for the better. You’ve shown me love that I’ve never seen or even imagined. If I could make a wish, I’ll wish to spend forever with you. Thank you for making my life colorful. I love you now and always. Happy anniversary to us.

Just being in your presence is enough to put a smile on my face. You’re a joy giver and I can’t trade you for any other thing in the world. I hope our love keeps waxing stronger each day that passes by. Happy anniversary, baby.

You are my sunshine in the rain, you’ve made my broken heart to beat again and made me forget the one that caused me pain. You’ve loved me in ways I can’t explain. Thank you for considering me worthy of your love and affection. Happy fourth month anniversary, my love.

I wake up every day with joy in my heart, basking in your love and affection. Your love has made me complete, and I am aware of how fortunate I am to have you in my life. Four months with you and all I’ve had is joy, peace, and affection. Thank you for brightening up my life. Happy anniversary, dearie.

121 days with you have brought me peace, happiness, and love. I never thought I’d experience all these till you got into my life and showered me with the best love. I hope you’re as happy as I am in this relationship because if you aren’t then I’ve failed as your girlfriend. Happy anniversary to us.

Before you came into my life, everything was black and white. Now you have made it colorful, filled with love and happiness. What more could I ever wish for when I’ve got you? You are everything that I need and hoped for, and I’m so lucky to have you. Happy fourth month anniversary to you, my rainbow.

I can’t believe it’s four months with you already. These past four months have brought about love, peace, and happiness to me. You’re just the perfect one for me, and I’m glad to have you in my life. Happy four months of togetherness, and I hope we spend more years together in peace and love.

Happy fourth month anniversary, sweetheart. Thank you for being a bright light in my darkest night and being the colors to paint my blank life. I love and appreciate you for all your efforts to see me happy. I hope we get to spend many more years together in love.

These past 121 days have been the happiest days of my life. You came in and made my life a happiness dumpster. I wake up every day with joy in my heart for having you in my life. Thank you for your care and affection at all times. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Happy anniversary, dear. I love you.

Happy 4 Month Anniversary

I think about all the wonderful nights we have spent together in the past months sharing a drink and having heart to heart conversations and I can’t help but thank the universe for bringing you my way, happy anniversary to us.

It has not been too long since you said yes to me. But, I am already accustomed to the sound of your voice early in the morning and I find myself waiting anxiously every night because that is when your message rolls in. happy 4th anniversary to us.

You are gradually becoming my genuine support system, thank you and happy 4th anniversary.

I hope you have not forgotten how we first met, I remember every single day and it keeps me from thinking about life’s issues. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

Someone asked me if I thought we would last a year yesterday and I told him ‘I didn’t think we would last four months’ and here we are! happy anniversary.

The things you make me do are absolutely beyond my understanding. Happy 4th anniversary to us.

One thing I am sure I do not want to lose is the way I feel about you every morning and how I feel when I miss your presence. Happy 4th anniversary.

It has really been a beautiful four months. Beyond beautiful, it has been inspiring. I am grateful for our four months together as a couple.

You have thought me in these four months that lessons do not need to come from the place of hurt. I have never felt this loved as a learner. Happy anniversary to us.

We have been friends longer than I can remember and that still did not prepare me for what I would meet if we decided to have a relationship. It has been so good I have thought few times that I would have started earlier if I knew. Happy 4th anniversary to us.


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