40th Wedding Anniversary Quotes: The 40th Wedding Anniversary is known as the Ruby Anniversary and, as the name suggests, traditional gifts included rubies. Spending 40 years with each other is not an easy job for any couple. Celebration of such a wonderful day can be started with heartwarming, funny, and happy 40th-anniversary wishes. If you’re looking for the best wishes, quotes, and messages to write on a 40th wedding anniversary then we got you covered just pick anyone from below.

40th Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Mom And Dad

No couple in the world looks as gorgeous as you. Thank you for being the reason of happiness for each other and also for us. Happy Anniversary!

“To love is nothing. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved, that’s everything.” -T. Tolis

“Wishing you a happy anniversary, a happy marriage, and many years of good health to enjoy it with!”

Another year to create precious memories together. Another year to discover new things to enjoy about each other. Another year to strengthen a marriage that defines forever. Happy anniversary!

“I wish you more love, joy, and happiness in your life. Happy anniversary, mom and dad.”

“Thanks, Mom and Dad, for setting an extraordinary example of lifelong love.”

Graduation, birthday, or first job – no celebration of my life would have been worthy if not for your anniversary, making our family stronger with each passing year. Happy anniversary.

40th Wedding Anniversary Quotes

40th Wedding Anniversary Quotes

“Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more.”

“For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It is a person. And we are finally home.”
Stephanie Perkins

“You know you are in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
Dr. Seuss

“Forever is a long time, but I wouldn’t mind spending it by your side.”

“I just want you to know, that when I picture myself happy, it’s with you.”

“In case you ever foolishly forget: I am not thinking of you.”
Virginia Woolf

“Love grows more tremendously full, swift, poignant, as the years, multiply.”
Zane Grey

40th Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Friends

“In a sea of people, my eyes will always search for you.”

“Our anniversary is just a momentary celebration, but our marriage is a timeless one.”

“I’m much more me when I’m with you.”

“I saw that you were perfect, and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.”
Angelita Lim

“Real love stories never have endings.”
Richard Bach

40th Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Husband

“I didn’t think it was possible, but I love you more and more with each passing year. Here’s to another year filled with love.” -Anonymous

“Every day I discover that I love you even more, and in this infinite universe I will love you till the ends.” -Alicia N Green

“The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” -Rumi

“Every heart sings a song, incomplete until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.” -Plato

“You have touched a part of my heart that no one else has ever been able to get to. I will love you forever.” -Anonymous

“So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.” -Paulo Coelho

“I love you for all that you are all that you have been and all that you are yet to be.” -Anonymous

“ I don’t want our lives to be quoted as an example of the perfect marriage, but as the coolest adventure ride that two people ever took.” -Anonymous

“Biology says that a man’s behavior changes as he ages. But you have proved that wrong because you’re still as romantic and charming as you were when we started dating. Happy anniversary.” -Anonymous

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40th Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Parents

Earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis or volcanoes – nothing has the power to shatter, the love between my mom and dad. Not now, not ever. Happy anniversary.

With every passing year, your marriage isn’t becoming dull, old and thankless. It’s becoming beautifully vintage and exquisitely priceless. Happy marriage anniversary.

I always thought that phrases like ‘once upon a time’ and ‘happily ever after’ only existed in fairy tales. But your marriage made me realize that they exist in real life too. Happy anniversary.

Your reason for celebrating your anniversary may be love. But my reason for celebrating your anniversary is that you both are like a blessing from the Gods above. Happy anniversary mom and dad.

You have always taught us to attain milestones in life. Congratulations on attaining one yourself. Happy anniversary to our dear parents.

In this world of fake promises, you two are examples of true love and dedication. I wish someday I will have a happy married life for these many years. Happy anniversary!

A person may grow old by the passing of each year, but a relationship will never grow old if there is true love. Your marriage is a perfect example of true and unconditional love

Happy 40th anniversary to my number 1 couple of the world! I wish both of you good luck with your never-ending journey. May God never stop blessing you two!

40th Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Wife

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” – Mignon McLaughlin

Your affection and devotion inspire me to grow as a person. I wish you a happy marriage anniversary, my beautiful wife!

“I love you, and I will love you until I die, and if there’s a life after that, I’ll love you then.” – Cassandra Clare

Happy Anniversary to the conqueror of my heart! Here’s to being madly in love with you for a hundred more years.

“I love you much most beautiful darling more than anyone on the earth and I like you better than everything in the sky.” ― E.E. Cummings

One of the most beautiful experiences I have ever experienced is loving you. Wife, happy anniversary!

The best thing that ever happened to me is you. You complete me. Happy anniversary my dear wife

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Funny 40th Wedding Anniversary Quotes

In my house I’m the boss, my wife is just the decision-maker.– Woody Allen

A marriage anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity. The order varies for any given year.– Anonymous

For Marriage to Be a Success, Every Woman and Every Man Should Have Her and His Own Bathroom. The End.– Catherine Zeta-Jones

If two people love each other, nothing is impossible. Except deciding where to eat.– Anonymous

When someone is murdered, the police investigate the spouse first. That tells you everything you need to know about marriage.– Katharine Hepburn

Marriage is just texting each other – “do we need anything from the grocery store?” – until one of you dies.– Anonymous

Wedding anniversaries are a time when men pause and reflect on what it was they did before they were married: anything they wanted to.– Anonymous

40th Wedding Anniversary Quote For Neighbour

It is so easy to fall in love and establishing a romantic relationship with someone. However, it is never easy to stay in a romantic relationship with the same person for four decades. I want to congratulate you, wonderful guys, for your 40th wedding anniversary.

Anyone who has ever found him or herself in a marriage would tell you that one of the most difficult things to keep in this world is a happy marriage. However you, my beautiful friends, have been married for 40 years and are still going strong. Congrats!

Not too many things in this world lasts forever, but your marriage seems to be joining the list of the handful of things that last forever. Happy 40th wedding anniversary. Congrats!

Happy 40th anniversary to the most inspirational couple I have ever known. May your marriage continue to be an inspiration to everyone around you for many more years to come.

The two of you keep proving to us that true love does not only exist in the movies but also in real life. Congratulations to you on your 40th wedding anniversary.

I want to congratulate you on your 40th wedding anniversary. As you celebrate this remarkable achievement, I ask that God grant you even more years of happiness with each other. Congratulations to the most wonderful couple in the world!

CONGRATULATIONS to you for 40 years of togetherness. The love you have for each other has stood the test of time and has become a shining example for couples everywhere to emulate. Congratulations once again on your 40-year wedding anniversary!

40th Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Couple

Cheers to your special day. Happy Anniversary!

It’s time to celebrate all over again. Happy Anniversary!

Here’s wishing you another year of true love. Happy Anniversary!

Warm wishes to you on your marriage milestone. Happy Anniversary!

Here’s to another love-filled year together. Happy Anniversary!

Every day, continue to love each other more and more. Happy Anniversary!

Dos. Deux. Duo. However you say it, this day is about you two! Happy Anniversary!

Best wishes to the best couple I know. Happy Anniversary!

This special day is reserved just for you. Happy Anniversary!

Skip the dress and tux, and enjoy some cake in the comfort of each other’s company. Happy Anniversary!

40th Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Grandparents

Love is beautiful when you are with the right person they say but when I am with you both I am sure that love is real. Have a lovely wedding anniversary celebration grandpa and grandma. You are loved.

It’s a beautiful thing staying with one person over the years and still, every day is worth fighting for. I love what you share, I wish for what you share and I adore what you share. Happy wedding anniversary to my grandparents.

Your marriage is an inspiration that anyone can have a happy marriage irrespective of the hurdles and struggles. Thank you for teaching mum and dad how to love. Happy wedding anniversary, papa and mama.

I’m so happy to be raised by two people who still call themselves ‘honey and baby’ even during a misunderstanding. I love you both so much. Happy wedding anniversary.

Happy wedding anniversary to great partners and great couples, I call them the snail and its shell. May you continue to grow more in love and happiness. You are loved.

You are the best couple, funny, sweet, loving, and caring. That’s why I love to be around you. Happy anniversary.

May your cup of love keep overflowing for everyone to witness and may your heart be filled with happiness and joy. Happy wedding anniversary.

I wish you a happy anniversary one filled with love unspeakable and peace unstoppable. Have a great day.

40th Wedding Anniversary Quotes For My Husband

“Happy anniversary to my man. I’m still crazy in love with you after all these years.”

“The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret”. – Henry Youngman

“Happy anniversary to my sweet hubby. I have loved none but you. Nobody can ever take your place in my life. In your case, there is no replacement.”

“Today marked the date when I became yours, and you became mine. Happy anniversary.”

“Happy wedding anniversary to my husband. Being with you is like having a dream come true, and being away from you sucks a lot. Please, come back soon.”

“Yes, it was love at first sight. I feel that after all these years, I have finally found my soul mate.” – Barbara Hershey

“The secret of a happy marriage is finding the right person. You know they’re right if you love to be with them all the time.” – Julia Child

“I’m in love with you, and I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things.” – John Green

“A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance, and tenacity. The order varies for any given year.” – Paul Sweeney

40th Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Parents Funny

Mom and Dad: you two go together like green olives and martinis. Hip-hip-hurrah to the sweetest lovebirds I know! Congrats!

“Leading by example” or “Do what we say, not what we do”: I can’t determine what line best fits your marriage instruction advice. All seriousness aside, congratulations on your 40 years of marriage.

The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret. But, whatever you two are doing is working. Stay Happy and Happy Anniversary!

I guess we can count among your master skills: marrying well and raising kids. Happy Anniversary from all of us kids — your masterpieces:)!

If the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree, I’m expecting to marry the girl of my dreams and being married for 40  years! Thanks, Mom and Pops!

Congratulations to a couple of swell eggs!

40th Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Sister

You are the most amazing sister in the world. I’m so happy that your married life is going well. Happy anniversary. Make it last forever!

Dear sister, may your marriage be full of joy and happiness. Best wishes to you on your anniversary.

Happy Anniversary Sister! May your love and bond never fade away. Many happy wishes to you today and always.

Very happy anniversary to the cutest couple. Live happily and enjoy your special day.

You’re a very responsible wife and I’m happy about your married life, sister. Happy anniversary.

Happy anniversary sister! I wish to have a perfect married life like you. Your beautiful bond is such an inspiration.

You two complete each other in every way possible. May God bless you with many more years of blissful married life! Happy Anniversary to Sister and Brother-in-law!

You share a kind of love that only grows stronger as years pass by. You may not know it, but you’re the most amazing couple I have ever known. Have the best anniversary ever!

40th Wedding Anniversary Quotes Funny

Drug stores understand life. That’s why the anniversary cards and sympathy cards are right next to each other.– Anonymous

I was married by a judge. I should have asked for a jury.– Groucho Marx

Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week. A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and dancing… she goes Tuesdays, I go Fridays.– Henry Youngman

Whatever you may look like, marry a man your own age – as your beauty fades, so will his eyesight.– Phyllis Diller

To keep your marriage brimming, with love in the loving cup, whenever you’re wrong – admit it.
Whenever you’re right – shut up.– Anonymous

Marriage: when dating goes too far.– Anonymous

Marrying a man is like buying something you’ve been admiring for a long time in a shop window. You may love it when you get it home, but it doesn’t always go with everything else.– Jean Kerr

I never knew what real happiness was until I got married; by then it was too late.– Anonymous

40th Wedding Anniversary Quotes In Hindi

दिया संग बाती जैसे, आप दोनों की जोड़ी, जचती हैं कुछ वैसे…!!

थामे एक दूसरे का हाथ, बना रहे आप दोनों का साथ, मुबारक हो आप दोनों को विवाह की ये वर्षगाँठ !!

शादी है विश्वास की गाँठ, बढ़ती रहे यह साठ गाँठ, प्रेम ये आपका कोई पाए न बाट, मुबारक हो आपको विवाह वर्षगांठ।

खाओ, पिओ, खुश रहो, शादी की सालगिरह आई है, कितनी खूबसूरत से तुम दोनों ने, अपनी हसीन दुनिया बनाई है…!!

ख्वायिश ऐ ज़िन्दगी बस इतनी सी है कि, साथ तुम्हारा हो और ज़िन्दगी कभी खत्म ना हो, सालगिरह मुबारक हो…

ना चाहा था कभी कुछ, तुम्हें चाहने से पहले, तुम मिल जो गए, खवाइशें पूरी हो गई… शादी की सालगिरह मुबारक हो।

जीवन की बगियां हरी रहें, जीवन में खुशियां भरी रहें, यह जोड़ी यूं ही बनी रहें, सौ सालों तक यूं ही सजी रहें। HAPPY MARRIAGE ANNIVERSARY !!

मेरे दिल का तुमसे है कहना, हम दोनों को संग में है बहना, मेरे जीवन का तुम हो गहना , सालगिराह मुबारक तुमको है कहना।

तेरे माथे की बिंदिया चमकती रहे, तेरे हाथो की मेहंदी महकती रहे, तेरे जोड़े की रौनक सलामत रहे, तेरे चूड़ी हमेशा खनकती रहे… हैपी ऐनिवर्सरी।

40th Wedding Anniversary Quotes To My Husband

“It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.” – Rita Rudner

“All that you are is all that I’ll ever need.” – Ed Sheeran

“Happy anniversary, my love. You are everything I have ever desired.”

“I can never express how much I love you. I feel safest when I’m in your arms. Thank you for everything. Happy anniversary, handsome.”

“I love being my husband’s wife.” – Julianna Margulies

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person” -Mignon McLaughlin

“I can’t imagine my life without you. Happy anniversary to the life of my life.” – WishesMsg

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu

40th Wedding Anniversary Quotes To My Wife

“Grow old with me, the best is yet to be.” – Robert Browning

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” – Audrey Hepburn

You’re the missing piece in my puzzle. I wish you a happy wedding anniversary, wife!

You are my today and all of my tomorrows.” – Leo Christopher

“There is no more lovely, friendly and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.” – Martin Luther

We’ll have each other’s back till the end of time. Happy anniversary my beautiful wife, this is just the beginning.

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” – Audrey Hepburn

“It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.” – Rita Rudner

Christian 40th Wedding Anniversary Quotes

May your love for each other exist for eternity! Happy wedding anniversary! God bless both of you.

God has created you two in pairs, and undoubtedly this is one of his finest choices. Best Wishes.

God always thinks good of two people, and you two are the perfect examples of that. Congrats for passing so many days together. Have a beautiful anniversary celebration.

You have taught us how to work on marriage through thick and thin, and surely God loves that. May God Bless you with a more long married life. Happy Anniversary dear.

God has sent some of his shines in your hearts, and you two keep finding each other in good and bad times for all these years. Happy Anniversary beautiful couple.

Making a special prayer today for two of my favorite people on earth. Be blessed. Have a lovely anniversary.

The relation of husband and wife is the most wonderful relation decided by God himself. This bondage is even more beautiful when two beautiful souls like you come together. Happy wedding anniversary!

God has been so kind to both of you as he blessed two of you with the company of each other for life.


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