The word ‘love’ has multiple meanings depending on who you ask. People read different meanings to love because there are different types of love. Some say love is feeling affection toward someone else, while others define it as being loyal to someone.

Love can be confusing and hard to understand. But this article will explain people’s different types of love.

What is Love?

Love is one of the most profound emotions known to human beings. There is no single definition of love because it varies from person to person. Some people may describe love as a feeling of strong attachment, while others view it as a more spiritual connection.

Most experts agree that love is more than a feeling. It is also a decision and an action. Love is something you do for someone else, not only something you feel. When you love someone, you care more about their happiness and well-being than yours.

You are willing to sacrifice for them, even if it makes you uncomfortable.

In summary, love is a complex emotion that is difficult to define, but it is more than a feeling. Love is something you do for someone else, and it is a decision to care for someone else above yourself.

Different Types of Love We Feel

different types of love

Friendship Love

Friendship love is when two or more people feel a strong connection. This type of love makes us want to spend time with our friends.

Friendship love can be the root of other types of love, and it’s powerful.

A study found that friends tend to fall in love faster and more often than strangers and see each other more attractive. Further, the study suggests we use our friendships to gauge potential partners’ attractiveness. We look for qualities like trustworthiness, kindness, humor, intelligence, and physical appearance.

So why does friendship love work better than romantic love? Researchers believe that because friends already know one another well, they don’t have to rely on initial attraction to decide whether to pursue a relationship. Instead, they focus on shared interests, values, and personality traits.

Research shows that people in long-term relationships become more similar over time. So if you’re looking for a lifelong partner, make sure you hang out with someone who shares your most important characteristics.

Romantic Love

Romantic love is one of the most common types of love people feel. Intimacy and Passion are the most critical components of romantic love. People form strong emotional attachments to others because they feel close to them. This closeness often leads to passionate sex and feelings of affection.

A partner who is physically attractive, interesting, supportive, and caring increases the likelihood that you will experience romantic love. You want someone who makes you laugh and feels at home.

People fall in love for many reasons. Some find themselves attracted to another person based solely on looks; some are drawn to someone else because of shared interests or values.

However, the intensity of romantic love varies widely among individuals. For some, it happens quickly and fades away within weeks or months. Others have felt deeply attached to their partners for decades.


Though most people don’t know this, infatuation is among the different types of love people feel.

The word “infatuated” comes from the Latin meaning “to fall into. However, in English, we use the word “infatuate” to describe someone who falls deeply in love with another person.

Infatuation is one form of passionate love. For example, you might say your boyfriend or girlfriend is “in love” with their partner.

A lot of people think that infatuation is something that happens quickly. But it doesn’t necessarily happen overnight.7 You could feel infatuated with someone for months or even years before you begin falling in love.

This attraction usually begins with intense feelings of lust and physical desire. A feeling of intense sexual attraction toward someone is called “sexual arousal.” However, the feelings accompanying wanting to spend time with someone are known as “passionate interest.”

When you’re fascinated with someone, you might want to see them every day, talk to them constantly, and do everything possible to ensure they know how much you care. This is what psychologists call “intense involvement.”

Enduring Love

Enduring love, also known as a pragma, is one of the different types of love. It’s when you feel deep affection for someone and wants to be with them forever.

It takes commitment and dedication to reach “pragma.” As opposed to falling in love, where you feel like you’re just going out or being swept up by someone else, you are standing in love with the person you want by your side forever. You both know what you want and why you want it, and you’re willing to work together to achieve it.

You may not always feel this way about your partner, but you still consider yourself committed to them. That’s why enduring love can last for years or even decades.

While pragmatism is not wrong, some people believe true love doesn’t require pragmatism. They believe true love is more profound, like a strong connection with another person. These people feel true love isn’t about making choices but about falling in love.

Playful Love

Playful love is the last on our list of the different types of love, and people also refer to it as Ludus.

The word Ludus is derived from Latin, meaning play. In ancient Rome, it referred to games played during festivals. Today, it refers to a form of romantic affection that involves joking around, flirting, and laughing together.

Ludus is often associated with children and teenagers because it is one of the earliest forms of love. However, many adults still experience this emotion.

When you are experiencing Ludus, you are feeling playful and lighthearted. You might even laugh out loud when you see someone else acting silly. If you are with someone who makes you smile, you know they are experiencing Ludus.


Love is an essential part of life. When we fall in love, we become attached to someone. If you have fallen in love, you probably felt at least one of these emotions. Understanding the different types of love will help you better understand your relationship.






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