Love Poems For Her: Love is a very deep and romantic word. As a rule, it is associated with pleasant feelings, which force people to do strange things to show their highest intentions. Let her know that you care and appreciate her by expressing these short, cute and sweet love poems for your girlfriend or wife.

I Love You Poems For Her

I can’t say that I love you. But it’s hidden inside of me. I can’t say that I need you. But it hurts every time you leave me. I wish I could express what is really true. More and more, I find myself hiding what I feel for you

Love Poems For Her

You are a wish… A wish that I want to fulfill, but bright and on fire, a wish that I want to burn in my heart every night. You are a dream…
A dream that entered my heart without warning. A dream that I want to wake up to every morning.

When I feel the warmth in her heart I know that she is the one I will never leave from. When I rest my head on his knees I can weave a future of dreams. Like my love, I silently profess my dear princess.

Love me in the spring, when everything is green and new, Love me in the summer, when the sky is so blue, And love me in the fall, when the leaves turn brown, Love me in the winter, when the snow is falling. Love me when I am happy, and even when I am sad, And Love me when I am good, or when I am so bad, Love me when I am pretty, or if my face is clear, Love me when I feel good or when I feel pain. And Love me always darling, in the rain or bright sun, Love me always darling, after everything said and done, Love me always darling, until our whole life is over, Love me always darling, because I’ll be loving you!

Best Love Poems For Her

What money cannot buy This I have in you What seems took some to death I find easily with life A life of love Making me live in love Love reign in your coast Love dwells in your home.

Love is good with the right heart Love is calm with the perfect mind I find love in you We are right to move together I find love in you We have a perfect matching mind together We blow love all around All because you have it in excess Love you more dear.

The beauty of a moment is precious at a glance But true love is precious with what you have shown Your love has given meaning to my words So strong not to be broken A pool of love you brought to me Flowing out from your heart to mine Your eyes blink remind me of your smiles Love you and I will always do.

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A personal view of love Made me lose view of other things What matters is you When I go some miles away Your love calls me back When I wonder in ignorance All I got was a response from love Restoring me back to my right sense Love you more than you imagine

Love Poems For Her From The Heart

You came into my life and it changed in the blink of an eye. You blew up the roof to let me see the blue sky. I can praise you for a whole day, but my love for you is so great that I need many days to tell you.

Today, we are forced to be romantic and think of another Valentine. We know the rules, and we are both pedantic – today is the day we have to be romantic. Our love is old and safe, not new and frenzied. You know that I am yours, and I know that you are mine. And saying that has made me feel romantic, my dearest love, my dear Valentine.

My heart is weak. My soul is deep with words that I can speak. But would you listen, understand or even believe? So I prefer to show you in actions, take you on a journey of my thoughts. So when the words are spoken, the walls are broken and you believe in my love. Because my heart is weak, my soul is deep with words that I can speak Do you believe it?

Breathtaking Love Poems For Her

The sugared scent of the marigold in full bloom; Can’t even overpower your presence in the room. Even in the middle of the crowd, you are the only girl I see; In the front of the altar, it is the place for you and me.

The majestic rainbow etched in the bright blue sky; Can’t catch my attention when you are passing by. You are the one who fill color into my life; And it will be of extreme joy, if you will be my wife.

For you I am grateful I’m hungry for your kisses Your lips are so tasteful What you bring to the table sure is a plate full When it comes to your heart I sure am not playful I will not toy with your emotions Because Baby Girl you fill up my world like the Oceans…..

I never really knew you you were just another friend But when I got to know you I let my heart unbend I couldn’t help past memories
That would only make me cry I had to forget my first love And give another try So I’ve fallen in love with you And I’ll never let you go
I love you more than anyone I just had to let you know My feelings for you will never change Just know my feelings are true Just remember this one thing I will always love you

Girlfriend Love Poems For Her

I’ve held others before, But it was never like this, Where my body inhales you And quivers with bliss,

Where my senses are reeling From the strength of desire, And if I can’t have you soon, I’ll be consumed by the fire.

Baby, when you hold me, my emotions makes it clear Just how much you mean to me while we are laying here. I listen to your heartbeat in rhythm with my own, With every pound that warming sound keeps me safe with love you’ve shown.

You gave me sunshine, when I had only rain, You brought me happiness, when I only knew pain. You gave me light, when darkness filled my world, You beautified my life, when you became my girl.

Deep Love Poems For Her

Bright like the morning star, Fresh like a flower, Sweet like honey, Smooth like an ocean, Sparks like a romantic feeling, My love for you is more beautiful.

I’ll be the warrior to fight for our love; We’ll fly together, fly higher that the dove. I’ll be your wall and  shield you from danger; I’ll take all the pains, for to me they are no stranger.

You’ll be the queen in the kingdom of my heart; And then I’ll be the king, so we’ll never be apart. You’ll be my majesty— I will serve you forever; And for all of times, I will leave you never

You deserve the best things money can buy But unfortunately I cannot afford them Instead I give you the best things that are priceless
My heart, my kindness things that are righteous I write this poem to you, I hope that you like it. Kissing your lips, holding your hand You’ve made this broken guy into a once again wholesome man You’re sweet and kind You’re that sweetheart of mine Like a brain tumor baby you stay on my mind.

Heart Love Poems For Her

It’s not when we are talking That I want to know some more It is not whilst you teach me I learn what I’m looking for It is the time we spend alone And the time in utter silence T’is all of the little things That form a strong alliance

Baby when you kiss me before you start your day, The happiness you bring my heart, no words can ever say. You make my life so beautiful, wonderful, and new. You’re my hopes and dreams. You’re my everything; I’m so in love with you.

I have to feel your tender touch; I have to hear your voice; No other one could take your place; You’re it; I have no choice. If not for you, I’d be adrift; I don’t know what I’d do; I’d be searching for my other half, Incomplete, if not for you.

It’s not your vivid history That’s made me fall in love It’s not your comprehension Of the world or what’s above It is your soft temperament
And the way you smile at me T’is all of the little things That make me want to see

Romantic Love Poems For Her

You came into my life like a star And filled my heart with joy You took my pain as if it was yours And gave me love that no one could.
You gave me a shoulder to cry on You were my pillar when I was falling You were my strength when I felt low With your smile, you made my living on earth worthwhile.

A chance encounter, really just a glance; And now my heart, my very soul, doesn’t stand a chance. When I’m down, you lift me up.
When I’m hurting, you make me well. Your love is over the top, and I’m forever under your spell.

If only I could tell you how beautiful you are, But my tongue gets tied, the right words are just too far. And if a million poets tried for centuries on end, They’d describe but a fraction of the beauty of my girlfriend. There is nothing I’d rather have, Than you beside me right here, And the moment that you return to me, I’ll be yours forever, my dear.

Melt Love Poems For Her

Do people talk about love around you? Do they compare good things with love? Definitely, all that they are saying about you You are the real definition of love With love you feed me In love you care for me In this same love, I find my home.

If all needs are met And nothing seems missing It is a sign that you are present Your absence makes nothing perfect But with you all thing I need set themselves in place Nothing did this to me but love Nothing hits me hard but your love

Many are the waters in the ocean Flowing from different seas Bringing the good of different lands So is your love to me You caused my life to flourish Making my coast what others cherish Love you with heart.

Winds of love blowing so strong Rivers of love moving so calm What I treasure is having you What a costly gift love gave to me A little love here, a little love there Makes love available everywhere I go Make me feel you the more day by day.


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