Cute Things To Say To Your Crush: Are you thinking of the right words to say to your crush to make him or her happy, I guess that should be the reason why you are here. just scroll down the page and get some Cute Things To Say To Your Crush to make them happy.

Cute Things To Say To Your Crush

I’m afraid to lose you and you’re not even mine.

Things To Say To Your Crush

My heart began a journey the first time I looked into your eyes.

Hey cutie. Haven’t talked to you in a while. Thought I’d say hello!

Your hair is so lustrous and falls perfectly around your beautiful face.

You must eat Lucky Charms for breakfast because you’re magically delicious.

I Can’t Give You The World – You Deserve It – But I Can Promise To Give You My World.

I’m trying on these new bras, but I need a second opinion. Care to share your thoughts?

All I want is to be the reason that you fall asleep each night with your phone held in your hand.

Sweet Things To Say To Your Crush

The thought of you is magical because I find myself swimming in the ocean of imaginations. I know that everything I want is within you.

Even if everything we began with changes, I know three things that will never change and they are: You, I and the feeling I have in my heart for you.

If I have the power, you would be mine for the rest of my life because you keep giving me the happiness that compares to nothing on earth. I bless the day we got to know each other.

With the state of things in my heart, there is no doubt that love on first sight exists. Ever since I set my eyes on you that beautiful picture has never left my mind. That feeling has changed everything my life stands for from that day onwards.

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The feeling I have for you is natural and from the day my heart connected with yours, my world took a different turn. I am grateful that my world met such a beautiful world of yours. I love you.

Nothing beats this joy in my heart, and nothing compares to the happiness that revolves around my world. I spend every moment I have with you because we keep creating beautiful memories.

I Never Could Picture Myself Growing Old Until I Thought Of Living The Rest Of My Life With You

Cute Things To Tell Your Crush

I see you got your nails done, they look nice!

How’d you get so good at making me like you?
Do you have any idea how adorable you are?
Whenever I am texting you, you can safely assume that I am smiling.
You have been living in my dreams for a long time, what about making it real for once?
The very thought of you lights up my outlook and makes everything seem so much brighter
I love you so much that I would never let you go. I love you with all my soul and without never looking back.
Thank you for making each day worth living! All it takes is one simple word from you and I feel like I’m at home!

Long Paragraphs For Your Crush

I know that I am blessed when I start my morning with the thought of you. I am surer now than ever before that you are a fantastic treasure in my life.

You happen to hold the magic wand that makes my world come alive. Knowing you have opened me up to great things and I look forward to every day.

I can’t explain what is happening or how it is occurring, but I know that it is the best experience my life has ever felt. I don’t know how to tell you that when I am with you, everything happens so fast.

I might be confused and puzzled when I am around you, but it is clear that you add a special spice to my life. Thank you for being a source of happiness and inspiration to me.

My life is perfect if I will be the reason you sleep off while holding your phone with both hands. I will be on top of the world if I remain the first person you hope to talk to in the morning.

Sometimes, I keep searching and wishing you were here with me without knowing that you are on my mind always. You are there in my dreams because each time I close my eyes, I keep seeing your face.

You give me that wonderful feeling of being in love. I find myself thinking about you more than you can imagine. Meeting you was enough blessings to change my life for the better.

You know that out of the awesome things that can ever happen to humankind, spending beautiful moments with you remains the best. You will always be the number thing in my life.

Things To Say To Your Crush

Hamsters Run In Wheels All Day, And I Run After You.

Sorry, Was I Staring? I Just Can’t Get Enough Of Your Cuteness.

When I Think About You I End Up Having A Stupid Grin On My Face.

There Is Nothing Better Than When Your Crush Has A Crush On You, Too.

There’s No Such Thing As Magic, But There’s You And That’s Even Better.

When You Fall For Someone’s Personality, Everything About Them Becomes Beautiful

I Never Could Picture Myself Growing Old Until I Thought Of Living The Rest Of My Life With You.

My Heart Stops Every Time I See You. Do You Realize That Almost Everyone Looks At You When You Walk Into A Room?

Cute Things To Say To Your Crush Over Text

I like her because she smiles at me and means it.

You do you realize that I like you, right? Why wouldn’t I?

I would be absolutely nothing if it wasn’t for all of your love.

Come over, I have all your favorites. Pizza, beer, and of course, ME.

Your kisses and your love are the only medicine for my broken heart.

There’s No Such Thing As Magic, But There’s You And That’s Even Better.

If you’re going to spank me every time I am bad, I am just going to be even worse.

I saw you dancing at the coffee shop, I love how carefree you dance, like nobody is watching, like nothing else matters in the moment.

The alphabet got it wrong, but the keyboard is right. Take a look at your laptop and you will see that “U” and “I” are placed next to each other.

Flirty Things To Say To Your Crush

I don’t have anything interesting to tell you, but I really wanted to talk to you.

The more time I spend with you, the more I want to KEEP spending time with you.

Do you find it sexy when girls make the first move or should I wait for you to do it yourself?

I gotta be honest: That hair twirl/lip bite/concentration scowl is one of my favorite things you do.

I’m making the first move when it comes to texting, so I’m expecting you to make the first move when it comes to kissing.

Nice Things To Say To Your Crush

Can you tell if I like you? Should I make it more obvious?
Do You Realize That Almost Everyone Looks At You When You Walk Into A Room?
I know you have a busy day ahead of you, but could you add me on to your to-do list?
I could look into your eyes for an eternity, but even then it wouldn’t be long enough.
I don’t want a half love with you, I want a complete, intense, whole and indestructible love.
Just one message, look or touch from you is enough to send my spirits soaring through the roof. Baby, you mean everything to me.

Best Things To Say To Your Crush

There is a lot to say, but I rather keep it in my mind. All you should know is that life has always been fair to me since I met you.

I want to spend the rest of my days on earth in happiness from the moment we became friends. I found my purpose when you came into my life.

Life is beautiful not just when you get the things you love but when you find the joy you desire in someone else. You light up my world with your charming smile.

Let the day remind you that you are still the best thing I always think about in the morning, afternoon and night. Have a wonderful day, my dear.

I can now go to bed with joy in my heart and wake up with the assurance of meeting an angel the next day. You bring out the best in me at all time.

Freaky Things To Say To Your Crush

That was pretty cool – what you did back there.
I am going to call the cops. It must be illegal to be as fine as you.
We’re all special, you know? But I think you raised the bar on that.
There Is Nothing Better Than When Your Crush Has A Crush On You, Too.
Can’t wait to see you tonight. I think you’re going to like what you see
When I am asleep I dream of you, but when I am awake, I desire you all day long.

Things To Say To Your Crush Over Text

I don’t know what to do with you… but neither I know what to do without you.
It’s amazing how crazy I feel when my phone vibrates and I’m, begging it to be you.
My life has never been perfect, but it has come closest to perfection during the moments that I am with you.
It never ceases to amaze me that two parts who are far from perfect can create the most amazing thing just by being together. You are my everything.

Funny Things To Say To Your Crush

Isn’t it funny how you can still get butterflies in your stomach, even though you have known the person for years?
Sometimes, the person that you’re looking for is standing right in front of you. That’s me, if you’re wondering.
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I don’t need to kiss more frogs because I already met my prince / I don’t need to climb more castles because I already found my princess.
I wish it was easier to explain to you why I like you so much. I guess I am not good with explanations. Let me show you my reasons with actions, not words.

Things To Say To Your Crush In A Text Message

I would fight to have a part in your life. I won’t give up on what my heart feels without showing an effort to make you the one for me.

Sometimes, I get lost with my thought. I wonder if God created you with my missing rib. I keep finding the missing part of me in you. When I am around you, there is this joy in my heart.

Even if I am busy with things, you will always be the best thing on my mind. I will stand at the top of the world’s tallest mountain to watch the most beautiful human walk by; You are sweet.

My feelings are in a language; only your heart can understand. Look into my eyes and see that it longs to be starring at you from sunrise to sunset.

I will follow you into the dark because the feeling I have for you can light up anything. I love you till infinity and beyond. I am ready to stand with you if you ever need me.

If I let you know that you are one thing that truly matters to me, would you believe me? Would you look into my eyes and say ‘I know’ when I say that the times we spent together are the best in the world?

You should know that no matter how much time I spend with others, it never compares with the few seconds we might be sharing. You remain an awesomely blessed creature I can’t explain.

Allow me to talk for the rest of my life if the words I say makes you happy. Allow me to love you as much as anything in the world if my care and affection is everything you need.


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