Funny Birthday Wishes For Cousin : When it is your cousin’s birthday, it is important to acknowledge it, by sending a Birthday Wishes that conveys the impact that your cousin has had on your life, how you feel about him or her, and how you hope their special day will be.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Cousin

Cousins do not resemble each other a lot, but being a family means more than just sharing genes. I am happy to have you as a cousin and celebrate your birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Cousin

Your birthday is remarkable, to me, cousin! I get to tell people that I am related to the oldest person in the world!

You look more handsome/beautiful than ever! Happy birthday, sweet cousin. Now, can I borrow some money from you?

Happy birthday, cousin. Wonderful cousins buy drinks for their cousins on their birthdays. When can I come for mine?

At your age, cousin, things can slip your mind… like your own birthday! Remembering you today, because you probably won’t

Standing next to you, cousin, on your birthday is a real treat for me! Anyone around us can clearly see that I am much, younger than you! Happy Birthday!

Hope you know you have lost one year of your life today? Anyway, I’m going to organize a party for you to forget about this loss. Happy birthday.

I do not know if it is easy to be happy and calm like you are all the time. I hope you let loose a bit today because it is your birthday. Have a blast.

Dear cousin, as you celebrate another year of becoming older, do know that old age isn’t as bad as the world makes it appear when you think of the alternative to old age being buried in the ground. Have a lovely day.

Happy splendid birthday, my dearest cousin! Don’t worry about getting older today. No matter how old you become, you’re still a child because you’re a child of God!

Birthday Wishes For Cousin

Happy Birthday, beautiful cousin! You are the most giving member of our family. May you receive incredible gifts, on your special day!

May this day overflow with joy! May you be aware of how loved you are by our family! Happy B-Day, beautiful cousin!

You are more adored than you could possibly realize. I hope that on your birthday you receive enough love to last a lifetime cousin. You can start with mine. Happy birthday!

Thank you for being the kind of person who knows all my flaws, but accepts and loves me anyway. You are more than my cousin. You are my bestie.

Every birthday is a new page in your book of life. Make sure to fill your pages with generosity, kindness, and love. You should start with generosity, and share that delicious cake with your favorite cousin!

Wishing my beautiful cousin a Happy Birthday! You have brought life, hope, and love to our family! By just being yourself, you have encouraged us to do the same, as well, and it has made everything better! May you thoroughly enjoy your day!

Birthday Wishes For Cousin Sister

If I could give the gift of immortality to somebody, you would be high on that list. I want you to be able to live forever and make me happy always. Happy birthday, cousin.

I want to tell you on this special day how loved and blessed I feel to have you as my cousin. You are part of my family and life, but you feel like more than that.

Your presence in my life is a source of happiness. You are my favorite cousin. But do not tell others. May all your wishes come true today.

We are definitely a family, my cousin. I find myself in you, and I hope you find yourself in me. You can turn to me anytime, and I can turn to you anytime. Happy birthday.

Having a good cousin is one of the best gifts you can receive in your life. Thank you for being my inspiration and my dearest cousin and friend.

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I miss the days when I would count the hours before your visit. Now that we are all grown up, we might be separated a bit. But you can still count on me. On this special day, I hope you make your dreams come true.

You are a blessing to have. We are happy and grateful every day to have you as a cousin. Thanks for being such a good listener, and I hope you have a birthday you will always remember.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Cousin

Cousin, your birthday is an opportunity to wish the relative that I always laugh with and who understands me the most, the best of days! May it be extraordinary!

Best wishes to my cousin, on your birthday! May each event hold value! May you know that you are a precious member of our family!

Happy Birthday to the most admirable person that I know! Cousin you are courageous and your strength serves as an example for everyone in our family to follow!

Family is connected not just by blood but by heart. Even distance and time cannot break apart our bond. I love you cousin and always will no matter what we go through. Have a wonderful birthday.

You mean the absolute world to me, because you are the type of person who gives so unselfishly. I hope to be even half the person you are one day. Happy birthday!

I am convinced I have the best cousin in the world, and I hope the feeling is mutual. From one phenomenal cousin to another I wish you a happy birthday!

I hope that this year you wake up with a smile on your face every single day. At least I know you will tomorrow, because I got you the best birthday gift ever. Cake. Happy birthday cousin!

Birthday Wishes For Cousin Brother

If you have happiness in your life, everything else will come with it. I wish you all the happiness in the world on this special day. Have fun, my cousin.

You are just one of the best cousins I could have had. You have also been a great friend, and I hope you have a great day. Wishing you a fabulous birthday.

Blessed is the day you came to my life. Today is the best day to cheer for one more year in your life. I wish you a happy birthday, dear cousin.

You have grown wiser since your last birthday. And I am so proud of you. My dear cousin, today is another birthday for you, and I hope you celebrate as you wish. Have a fun one.

You are such a special person in my life; I honestly do not know what to wish for you. But let’s start with lots of happiness, more success, good health, to love and be loved.

Keep doing good things in your life, and continue filling your life pages with wisdom and good deeds. Happy birthday my dear cousin.

Now that it is your birthday, I hope you continue to grow wiser with each passing day. I would like to tell you I am grateful to have you in my life, and I am proud of all the success you have achieved.

Birthday Wishes For Cousin Female

You know beyond reasonable doubt that you are my favourite cousin. That is simply because you are super amazing and awesome. Happy birthday to you dearie. Stay awesome.

As you celebrate your birthday, I celebrate having a wonderful cousin like you. I’m sending my best wishes to a woman who’s beautiful inside and out.

I’ve always thought of you as a sister, not a cousin, but since a cousin is what you are to me, I’m very grateful. As you celebrate your birthday, I send you my good wishes. Love you, cousin.

I am still waiting for the day our parents will sit us down and tell us the truth about us being twin sisters, and not cousins. Have the best birthday ever darling, I love you super much.

Every year you look prettier, and every year I’m more thankful that you’re my cousin. Birthday greetings, wishes, and love are sent your way today.

Thanks for not only being an amazing cousin, but also a friend, confidant, and special adviser. Happy birthday to you. God bless and continually keep you.

I just want to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my custom made, heaven sent sister and friend, in a package called Cousin. I love and value you so much. May your years be long and beautiful.

Birthday Wishes For Cousin Male

It’s your birthday, and you don’t look any older. You just look more handsome. Best wishes cousin!

Out of all my male cousins, you’re the greatest. I’m wishing you the best on your birthday, and I’m sending you lots of warm wishes!

When we were kids, sharing our toy trucks was always fun. Now that we are older, just sharing good times with you is wonderful. Best wishes on your birthday cousin.

I may not have a brother, but I have you. You’re the best cousin anyone could ever have, and I’m happy you’re mine. Hope all your wishes come true as you celebrate your birthday cousin.

You were always there to fix my car and do the type of repairs a woman can’t do. Thank you and happy birthday my dear cousin!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Cousin Female

I am super proud of the woman you are becoming, and to be your big cousin too. Happy birthday, baby.

Happy birthday to the world’s best cousin. I pray you continually grow in grace, wisdom, and beauty. Much love.

I have watched you grow from a little baby into an amazing young lady, and I am super proud of you, and all you have achieved. Happy birthday, cuz, enjoy your day.

I look at you, and I see the type of woman I aspire to be. Thanks for being a source of inspiration to me dearest cousin. A happy birthday to you today.

Have a super and amazing birthday celebration, and a prosperous new year, darling cousin. I love you to the moon and back.

Get your party shoes on, and get ready to dance into the wonderful things this year has in store for you. Happy birthday, cousin.

God knew that I needed a sister, and since my parents were not able to give me one, he made sure I got a sweet cousin like you to fill that gap. I wish you the best birthday ever.

My childhood stories and memories are incomplete without you. You played a huge role, not just as a cousin, but also as sister and best friend. Happy birthday to you dearie, God’s best gifts are yours.

I try to imagine how my childhood would have been without you, and I just know it would have been boring. You added so much colour and fun to my life, and I pray you all the joy and happiness in the world. Happy birthday sweet cousin.

Birthday Wishes For Cousin Funny 

Your birthday is remarkable, to me, cousin! I get to tell people that I am related to the oldest person in the world!
Cousin, it is your birthday! May your 100th be the best one, yet!

Happy birthday from one of the most marvelous cousins you know. I thank God for making you so lucky to have a wonderful cousin like me. Enjoy your day, my dear!

The days of hiding may be gone, but our friendship will last forever, my dear cousin. You are my special friend, and a cousin one can only wish for. Happy Birthday.

If you ever find yourself feeling bummed for being unable to achieve something in life, take solace in the fact that so many years ago, of the millions of sperms, you were the strongest. Happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes For My Cousin

May you live long and prosper cousin, and may you never own a red shirt. Happy birthday you trekkie you!

I wish you a wonderful birthday filled with warm wishes and a whole lot of chicken and beer. Also, tacos. Everyone should have tacos on their birthday.

You may not say it often cousin, but I know that deep down you totally care for me. Deep, deep, deep down where you can barely see it. I feel the same about you, and I hope your birthday is truly spectacular.

Happy birthday to the sweetest, most adorable cousin in the world. I hope your birthday is filled with sugar, spice, and all things nice just like you.

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Friendships come and go, but family is for life. Sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes that’s a bad thing. One thing is for certain, though, having a cousin as wonderful as you has brought nothing but joy into my life.

You mean more to me than you will ever know. Even though I don’t say it often enough I hope my actions convey my feelings loud and clear: I have nothing but love and respect for you cousin.

As your cousin it’s my duty to wish you happy birthday and remind you that you’re getting old. Really, really, really old, but I still love you anyway.

I am so lucky I have a cousin like you: one who inspires greatness. I hope your year is filled with happiness, love, and exciting exploits. Happy birthday cousin!

Birthday Wish For Cousin Girl

Happy birthday to the world’s best cousin. This is definitely going to be your best year yet.

Thanks for always being there for me. I appreciate your love and care, dear cousin, happy birthday to you.

Having you as a cousin covers up for not having a sister, and I am super lucky to have gotten such an amazing personality in a cousin. Happy birthday to you dear cousin, I love you.

You have been a great source of inspiration and blessing to me. On this special day of yours, I wish you nothing but a very happy birthday indeed. Live long and prosper cuz.

May you be abundantly blessed today and always, sweet cousin. Have a very happy birthday and new year full of happiness and joy.

If you were not my cousin, my deepest desire would be to make you my wife. You’re beautiful in and out, and my best friend ever. Happy birthday, dear, have fun.

Dear cousin, I pray this new year ushers you into a brand new chapter, level, and season of greatness. Happy birthday to you, God bless you.

May all you touch and do prosper, as God causes you to find favour before all, this new year and beyond. Happy birthday to you dearest cousin and friend.

For all you have been to me, for all you have done for me, for teaching and inspiring me positively, I want to say a very big thank you. Happy birthday dear cousin, long life and prosperity.

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