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Happy 50th Birthday For Her

Happy 50th Birthday Sister

Happy 20th Anniversary of your 30th Birthday!

You’re not 50. You’re 18, with 32 years of experience!

Relax and enjoy your 50th birthday, it’s your special day to shine! Who cares if you’re a year older? You’re also wiser, more experienced, and ready to take on whatever life throws at you! You’ve got this!

Happy 50th birthday to my dearest sister! You are such a wonderful person and deserve so much happiness on your special day. I hope it is filled with joy and laughter!

When I count my blessings, I count you twice! Happy 50th birthday to my dear sister and best friend!

Sending you happy birthday wishes across the seas! Although we are far apart, you’re never far from my heart. Happy 50th Birthday, sister!

Happy 50th Birthday Friend

Here’s to you, my dearest friend. I thank God for you each and every day. You are truly appreciated. Happy 50th!

Friends like you only come around once per century. Thank heaven I found you only half-way through. Happy birthday, new friend!

Happy 50th Birthday to one of the most amazing people I know. I can’t wait to see what you do in the next half-century.

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Happy 50th Birthday! I hope you’re around for at least 50 more, because people as remarkable as you don’t come along very often.

You’re turning 50 already? That means my birthday is right around the corner. It’s time for us to party as 49-year-olds one more time before we shout “Happy Birthday!”

Happy 50th Birthday For Her

If I could package up my hugs and kisses, I would send them express delivery your way. Happy 50th birthday dear sister, I’m sorry I can’t be with you today!

Cheers to my dear sister on your 50th birthday! I’ll be raising a glass in your honor… or maybe three or four! I really wish we could be together to celebrate! Miss you xx

And here are some funny 50th birthday wishes for your sister, to gently tease her about growing so old!

Don’t worry sister, they’re not wrinkles, they’re smile lines, and I hope you have plenty more by the time you’re 60!

Night sweats and hot flashes are nature’s way of lowering your heating bill so you can save more money for your retirement. Happy 50th Birthday Sister!

Don’t panic, those aren’t gray hairs you see. They’re strands of birthday glitter growing out of your head! It’s time to celebrate your 50th birthday!

Happy 50th Birthday

Happy birthday, husband. You are incredible, supportive and very thoughtful. I appreciate the gift of you.

You are irreplaceable. You are so sacrificial; you do your best to make us happy. Happy birthday, dear husband.

To my soul mate and the father of my children; may you always experience God’s blessings in all you do. Happy birthday!

Midlife crisis is a label that is given to fifty year olds to stop them from being the best they can. Forget these labels and enjoy life to the fullest. Happy birthday.

Whenever you start feeling bad that you are 50 now, just remember you are not 50, you are 49 +1 only! Happy Birthday to you.

Remember, you’re a half century old today, not a century. You may sometimes feel like 100 but you’re 50 and more fabulous than ever. Happy 50th birthday!

Happy 50th Birthday Wishes

Never fear age, just enjoy life’s new stage. Happy 50th birthday.

You are halfway to hundred but that doesn’t guarantee you will live that long. Happy 50th birthday.

Congratulations on your 50th birthday. Wishing you many happy returns for the coming years ahead.

You’re finally 50, a half century old. Play it up. Bask in your awesomeness, your achievements, your beauty, your uniqueness. It’s your moment in the sun. Happy 50th birthday!

If things get better with age, then you’re approaching magnificent! Congratulations on your 50th Birthday.

Don’t let the thought of turning older make you feel nervous. Ups and downs in life will come and go, don’t make a fuss. Don’t slow down, there’s no need to worry about taking rest. Forget your age, just live every single day of your life to the fullest. Happy 50th birthday.

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Happy 50th birthday! A half century has come and gone…and you’re still around! That’s already quite a legacy. The next half century, may you be a legend in your own time — or at least in your own backyard.

Happy 50th birthday just doesn’t say enough. “Happy 50th-half century-my back aches-I’m just starting to enjoy life-you look so good-I wish I was you-birthday” is more like it.

Happy 50th Birthday Funny Female

You are my love and greatest treasure. You own my heart and as you celebrate today, may life bring you more reasons to smile cause you deserve the best, my queen. Happy 50th birthday, my love.

I am the luckiest man alive cause I have you in my life. You in my heart, love and then the major reason for my smile. You make me feel alive. Happy 50th birthday dear.

My love for you is unquenchable, our bond would last forever. You are the reason for my success, my personal adviser and the love of my life. Happy 50th birthday darling.

You make my world brighter, my smile wider and my love for you is forever. As you grow, older, you become more beautiful and remain young at heart. Happy 50th birthday, my treasure.

You brightened my world the moment you came into it and up till now, the light seems to only get brighter. You are an amazing woman, wonderful mother and selfless wife. Happy 50th birthday dear.

Happy 50th Birthday Quotes

Fifty is a weird age. I can clearly remember my childhood, but I can’t remember where I put my keys. – Melanie White

Maybe it’s true that life begins at fifty. But everything else starts to wear out, fall out, or spread out. – Phyllis Diller

The face you have at age twenty-five is the face God gave you, but the face you have after fifty is the face you earned. – Cindy Crawford

After fifty, one ceases to digest. As someone once said, “I just ferment my food now. – Henry Green

Celebrating 50 is like throwing a party when your odometer reaches 150,000 miles. – Melanie White

Turning 50 means it’s only a matter of time before you’re regaling your grandkids with tales of your first colonoscopy. – Greg Tamblyn

When I was young, people used to say to me: Wait until you’re fifty, you’ll see. Well, I’m fifty. I haven’t seen anything. – Eric Satie

Funny Happy 50th Birthday Wishes

You are one 50-year-old who is stubborn enough to refuse someone’s offer to give you their seat in the bus. Happy Birthday and always stay young.

Today you turn 18 with 32 years of experience! You are like the fine wine that gets more exquisite with age. Happy Birthday and have the best night of your life!

Age is just a number. Pace is something that fades with age. Try to make it on time on your celebration. Happy Birthday!

The worst thing about your birthday is the fact that the number of candles is going up but the cake keeps shrinking. Happy Birthday and don’t eat all the cake alone!

Middle age is when a man has got a handle on life and life has put handles on his waist. Happy birthday and all the best!

29 years ago you had the time of your life! Now you are turning 50 so don’t think you can drink as much. Happy birthday and have little bit of fun!

The only thing that remains the same after all these years is that dry sense of humor. Your hair, your gut, and even your face has changed. Happy birthday, old guy!

Happy 50th Birthday Funny

Happy birthday and congratulations, you’re halfway to a telegram from the Queen. In the meantime, put your feet up and enjoy the rewards from all the hard work you put in during your 20s, 30s and 40s.

If you were a dog, you would be 213 years old. So, don’t feel so bad about your age. At least you’re aging like a human. Happy 50th!

You may be 50 years of age but you’re still younger at heart than many people younger in calendar years. May you stay forever young the next 50 years. Happy birthday!

Your 40’s are behind you now, so you should have your midlife crisis out of your system. Be proud! You wear it well!

If you can blow up all your birthday balloons, then you will officially earn the right of calling yourself young at fifty. Happy 50th birthday.

Happy Birthday! The world is a better place for having had you in it for the last 50 years, so I hope you live to be at least 100.

Happy 50th Birthday Mom

Congratulations Mom, you’re…

F antastic
I nspirational
F abulous
T errific
Y oung-at-heart

If things get better with age, then you’re approaching magnificent! Congratulations on your 50th Birthday Mom.

Don’t worry Mom, a little gray hair is a small price to pay for so much wisdom! Happy 50th Birthday!

It’s amazing how good you look for your age, considering all the grief I gave you when I was younger. Happy 50th Birthday, Mom!

Happy 50th Birthday to the best mom ever! Sure you get older every year, but to me your heart is young as ever.

Mom, only you can do everything and still look great every day! Know what that makes you? A SUPERMOM. Happy 50th Birthday to a lady who just keeps getting younger!

Happy 50th Birthday to my amazing mother, mentor, and friend. May God bless you each year.

Happy 50th Birthday Mom! Cheers to the next half-century. Throughout your life, you’ve worked towards making our wishes come true, now it’s time to fulfill some of your own wishes!

Dear Mom, we may be apart right now, but your influence is always with me. No matter where I go or what I do, you will always be in my heart! I am thinking of you on this special day. Happy 50th Birthday!

Happy 50th Birthday To Me

Cheers to another 50 years of prosperity, wisdom, understanding and grace. Happy 50th birthday to me.

Smiles on my face, royal garment around my neck, cause I clock 50 years on earth today. Happy birthday to me. May everything good come easily to me, thenceforward.

Let the stars and the moon shout for joy. Let the sun shines in excitement, cause it is my 50th birthday today. Happy golden age to me. Wishing me a lifetime of peace, love, accomplishments and fulfilment.

I am who I am by the grace of God. Happy 50th birthday to me. Wishing me so many more years of tranquillity, love, and grace.

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Life is a golden dream realised on this special day. Happy 50th birthday to me. Many more years of prosperity and health, I pray.

Happy 50th Birthday Beautiful

My queen, I am happy to be able to celebrate today with you. You’ve made my life beautiful with your presence. Thanks for accepting to be my wife and making me the happiest man alive. Happy 50th birthday dear. Happy 50th Birthday Beautiful

My love for you knows no bound. You are my world and the queen of my heart. Keep being you. You are exquisite and deserve the very best. Happy 50th birthday, my love. Happy 50th Birthday Beautiful

You are not just my wife but my best friend. Having you as my partner has made marriage fun and exciting. As you celebrate today, may happiness never diminish in your life because you deserve the world. Happy 50th birthday dear.

You are an amazing multi-tasker, my personal behaviour checker, my inspiration and source of motivation when I am down. You are a wonderful woman. You are God’s precious gift to me. Have a great time today. Happy 50th birthday dear. Happy 50th Birthday Beautiful

I appreciate all the little things you do every day to make the family better and the home peaceful. I know I don’t say it enough but I love you and I am glad and proud that you are my wife. Happy 50th birthday, my angel. Happy 50th Birthday Beautiful

Happy 50th Birthday Woman

A Woman like you is rare. You compliment and complete me in every way, hide my weaknesses and enhance my strengths. I am proud and glad that you accepted to make me the man in your life. I hope you live long cause I don’t know what life would mean without you. Happy 50th Birthday Woman

You’ve brought meaning to my life. You are very gorgeous, my beloved wife. I can spend hours staring at you and basking in your beauty. You are exquisite. Keep glowing, my precious wife and my only love. Happy 50th Birthday Woman

I am fortunate to be your husband. I asked God for a wife and He gave me an angel. You are a fantastic person. Have a wonderful time today. Happy 50th Birthday Woman

You still make my heart beat fast after all these years. I grow more and more in love with you as the years go by and I get to know you better. Happy 50th Birthday Woman

No matter how long our journey is as long as easily remain together. You are the best partner to have on this journey called life. You are the most loving wife any man could ask for and I am proud you are mine. Happy 50th Birthday Woman

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