How would you describe yourself? Would you say you’re outgoing or shy? Are you confident or insecure? What kind of person does he want to meet? Dating is a tricky thing. Many things go wrong during a date, from awkward silences to bad food choices. If you don’t get along well with someone, you might wonder whether they’d be a good match for you. However, these tips on how to win a guy over on a date should help you get through.

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1. Be Punctual

Being on time is one of those things men want to see on a first date; a great tip on how to win a guy over on a date. In fact, according to research, over half of the single women believe that a guy who arrives 10 minutes late is “a little rude.” But what does he think about it? Well, most guys don’t care much either way.

According to the same survey, over half of the men say that arriving 15 minutes late isn’t a big deal. And while some might think that being late is disrespectful, others feel it’s part of life. After all, traffic jams, train delays, and sometimes work gets in the way.

However, being late will show that you care less about the other person and their time. It also indicates that you have no respect for them. You can make up for your tardiness by being early. This way, you give him enough time to prepare himself for your arrival.

2. Wear a Sexy But Not too Revealing Dress

Do you know what it takes to make a great impression? The key is finding pieces that fit your style and personality. For example, if you love wearing black dresses, go and splurge on a few nice ones. But if you prefer casual outfits, stick with basic staples like denim and tees.

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You do not need to wear something revealing like a short dress or a skirt. A sexy but not too revealing outfit will turn heads when you walk in. Your date will notice that you look great and will feel attracted to you.

3. Wear a Well-Scented Perfume

Wearing a well-scented perfume is also one of the tricks on how to win a guy over on a date. Men are susceptible to scents. They find certain smells attractive and unattractive. So, if you wear a perfume that turns him off, you’ve already lost.

If you want to smell good, try using a fragrance that matches your skin tone. Avoid perfumes that are too strong because this could overpower your natural scent.

4. Initiate a Hug on First Sight

The first impression matters, and we’ve found out what makes people feel comfortable around us. We know that touching someone helps build trust and builds rapport. But how do we make sure our first impressions are positive ones?

In the first meeting, it’s essential to have a good starting point; what a great tip on how to win a guy over on a date. If you’re nervous about approaching someone, try a hug.

A hug will help break the ice between you. Studies show that hugging increases oxytocin levels, which makes you feel closer to those around you. Also, research suggests that touch releases dopamine, creating feelings of pleasure and reward. So give it a shot and see what happens!

5. Smile!

A smile goes a long way, and it’s a fantastic tip on how to win a guy over on a date. When you smile at your date, he will never forget you as friendly and approachable.

Smiling makes you appear happy and cheerful. That’s why smiling is such an essential trick on how to win a guy over on a date.

So, keep this tip in mind the next time you’re out on a date. You never know; you might end up winning your date’s heart.

6. Ask Thoughtful Questions

If you want to win a man’s heart and keep him interested, you must ask thoughtful questions; it’s a proven tip on how to win a guy over on a date. This guy wants to know you; he doesn’t just want to sleep with you, and if you don’t reciprocate the conversation, it’ll be hard to keep up the momentum. So take some time to think about what you want to say, and choose your words carefully.

Ask him about his interests, hobbies, favorite things, where he grew up, family, friends, opinions on current events and politics, movies, music, books, and whatever. When you ask him questions, show that you’re interested in knowing him and that you care about him. 

7. Don’t Be Too Intense

You should avoid being too intense when trying to get to know someone; this helps you to win a guy over on a date. Don’t talk too much about yourself; let your date talk about himself, as he may reveal more than he intended.

Also, you shouldn’t try too hard to impress the man you like. Don’t interrupt him unless he asks you something directly related to your discussion. Otherwise, just listen attentively.

8. Crack a Few Jokes 

One of the tips on how to win a guy over on a date is to crack him up. Humor is a great icebreaker and conversation starter. You don’t have to be funny; just being able to tell a joke is enough to win over his heart.

If you’re unsure how to start a conversation, consider telling him a story. This is a great way to show off your wit without coming across like a dork. Plus, he’ll appreciate that you took the time to think of something interesting to say.

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You might find yourself thinking, “I’m not very witty.” But there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try out some of these tips. They’re sure to help you develop some hilarious stories that’ll keep him laughing.

9. Keep Your Distance

You need to keep some distance between yourself and the man you like. This ensures you won’t feel threatened if he tries to touch you. Also, this allows you to observe him more closely without uncomfortable situations.

10. Give Compliments

Another trick on how to win a guy over on a date is complimenting him. Complimenting the man you like will make him feel appreciated. This will make him feel special and loved. When you praise him, tell him exactly what you think he looks good in.

11. Show Interest In His Family

It is prevalent for men to talk about their family members; an essential tip on how to win a guy over on a date. Showing interest in his family will make him feel comfortable around you.


We hope these tips on how to win a guy over on a date help you to approach a new person or even a friend who has caught your eye. Good luck! 


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